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Average Report of Salaries in the UK and high-paying tech skills

Average Report of Salaries in the UK and high-paying tech skills

Business environments are undeniably in a growth phase at the moment, especially for the British technology sector. While the news currently reports that other economies are experiencing recessionary problems at the moment, companies in the UK are seeing a completely different outcome – with more and more companies now thriving on reports of a recession.

In the technology industry, there are good reasons to be optimistic. There are more than 32,000 professionals in the UK. Hundreds of new jobs are available to job seekers, and more investors are interested in positioning their business in the UK. Therefore, it is not surprising that the British technology industry is booming at a rapid pace. Companies in the UK are also expanding and other big names are joining the game.

Leadership skills and the ability to expand even under the recession are a sure sign that UK Tech will continue to grow in the coming years. Areas such as Information Technology Services and Marketing Consulting showed surprisingly high employment growth.

How the skills gap impacts employers

One of the options available to your business is trying to find and grow your existing IT department. The other option is to consider Sunspeeds IT relocation services. There is a range of IT service companies on the market that features fully-accredited professional support staff that complete regular development programmes to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest technologies.

With a large number of UK-based staff supporting over 500 businesses nationwide, they also regularly offer new job opportunities to UK professionals. With an established network of trusted partners, this means they can also support businesses with overseas operations too. As well as having their own in-house support staff, these companies have access to an even wider network of qualified and experienced professionals that can make sure your business doesn’t suffer from the skills gap. Other things to consider are the recent rise of virtualization.

Brexit Impact on Employment

The future impact of Brexit on legislation will depend on the conditions of its future relationship with the EU, which should become more dubious by the end of the year. Theoretically, however, the withdrawal will enable the UK to repeal or amend all United Kingdom labour legislation based on EU law.

STEM Skills Gap in NY


The withdrawal will also affect the position of the European Court of Justice‘s decisions on employment problems. Past decisions by British courts that have followed European decisions remain binding on them. Labour tribunals can not deviate from existing case law unless the underlying legislation changes. However, future rulings of the European Court of Justice are not binding – although they are likely to continue to have an impact if the UK courts apply the EU-derived law that will be maintained.

The free movement and labour rights of EU citizens would also be maintained for the time being. As was recently guaranteed in a press release by the Cabinet Office, the referendum has not changed the rights or status of EU citizens currently living and working in the UK, or those of UK nationals in the EU.

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